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It is important that you read these terms and conditions as these are intended to be binding upon the parties.


The products D&M are handmade individually in Portugal. The final dimensions may, therefore, occur slight variations. Articles will not be provided without finishing or without padding.


We reserve the right not to sell, or continue to sell, at any merchant whose distribution or sales tactics result in a negative effect on our ability to compete and sell in a particular region


The samples are representative samples of the material and colors in question and not the exact match. The furniture is made in plywood in the case of using natural sheets and water-repellent MDF for color finishes (RAL and/or NCS). The varnish used is matte, unless otherwise noted. The high chairs and sofas are composed of solid wood casks and finishes by hand. The woods used are walnut, oak and beech (natural or lacquering). Are used for the production thereof, high density foams.


We reserve the right, without notice, to discontinue products or change specifications and prices of the same. Prices shown are for sale to the public recommended. Prices are in Euros and do not include VAT. The price list exclude shipping costs. The package its always included in our prices, however, if the client wants a custom box, will be charged accordingly.

The prices are based on the materials and finishes specified. Other materials and finishes are available under quotation.


Our general lead time is 7-8 weeks (EX-WORKS) after the date of signalling the article. For pieces with custom specifications or large amounts, we reserve the right to agree with the customer a deadline. Lead time can be longer on periods of vacation.


All products are manufactured after receipt of order and signalling the same. Cancellation will be accepted after 5 working days from the purchase order date. The rate of 50% (signal value) will be applied to all cancellations received after the 5th day.


Dealers with online stores can not advertise or somehow show the name, logo, product images or any other D&M’s information without the prior written consent of the brand. These same vendors may not display lower prices than D&M’s MSRP, discounts or value judgements (eg. the lowest price in town). Contact D&M for new company guidelines on the use of the internet.


The D&M ensures that all products are defect-free material and hand labour for a period of one (1) year from the date of invoice. The warranty doesn’t cover the customer’s own materials. D&M is not responsible for the misuse and excessive wear. The correct use of the articles is the sole responsibility of the buyer.


Payment conditions are 50% on order and 50% before shipment.

We reserve the right to require a 100% payment in advance for the first orders. All pieces are D&M's property until the total payment is done. This payment must be made before sending the order.


Products shall be ordered by e-mail:


Payment must be made in EUROS (€) by bank transfer to our account. We do not accept payment by Check or Visa.

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