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All prices and transactions are EX WORK, and therefore do not include any transportation cost or associated fees.

Unless otherwise specified in the order request, the articles are collected by the customer’s carrier. D&M can provide transportation, at an additional cost. The delivery cost provided by D&M needs to be reviewed when the pieces are ready for shipment.


The delivery date quoted on the order shall not be regarded as the definite date of delivery but only a general estimate.


Returns will not be accepted without the consent, in writing, of D&M. Any unauthorized return will be refused.


All products must be returned in their original packaging (box, accessories, inserts, protection, leaflets, etc.).


Damaged products being returned must be in the condition in which they were received by the CUSTOMER. The products must be well accommodated to avoid extra damages. The CUSTOMER must not attempt to modify, handle, install or repair them.


All products are packaged and carefully inspected before the shipment.


Customer Transport: By the time, the articles are collected by a customer’s carrier, the title passes to the buyer. Thus, D&M is not responsible for loss or damage in transport.


Transportation by D&M: Transport by D&M includes insurance. However, the refusal of goods damaged in no way relieves the buyer’s responsibility to pay for the goods. In a case of visible or hidden damage that occurred during transport, the carrier should be immediately notified and registered the complaint (registration in the CMR of the carrier). Any damaged item must be communicated by e-mail to D&M within 48h after receipt of order. Photographic evidence of the damage should be included in the e-mail and send to: All damaged products will be replaced, without loss to the buyer.

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