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D&M has production departments that have more than 20 years of experience in furniture and upholstery. The production is handmade and totally executed in Portugal by artisans with high technical capacity.

All our products can be customized by the customer’s needs and tastes. Color, dimensions, materials and finishes can be adjusted according to the vision of each. In addition, the D&M team is always available to advice on the most appropriate choice for each piece.

Increasingly, people dream of things that do not exist yet and they should to make these come to life! And, to fill this, also comes our brand.


Discover our full range of handcrafted furniture.

Whether in its color, texture or shape, a piece that is crafted as a way of expressing the creative spirit of the maker is much more valued than a piece that is made for mass consumption.


All handcrafted pieces are unique and impossible to replicate. And its production is always focused on quality.


This is why handmade matters.

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